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A note on breastmilk jewelry:

Each piece is just as unique as the mom for whom it’s made. Therefore, each created stone can have many variations of color, air bubbles, mold lines or marks.  These are not to be viewed as mistakes rather inclusions that are all part of breastmilk jewelry.  No two pieces will ever be identical and no piece will ever be perfect.  Just as the inclusions in a diamond are what make it unique, it is what also makes it 100% yours!!!

Once you place your order, you will receive a confirmation email with detailed instructions on how and where to send your milk/inclusions. 

Number of milks refers to the number of milk samples you would like us to preserve. Some moms would like us to preserve milk samples from multiple children. This will add an additional $25 to the cost of your piece. 

**Please read the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) menu prior to ordering**

Flakes/Shimmer Inclusions ($1 each)

Each breastmilk keepsake can be customized with any combination of flakes or shimmer.  The addition of flakes can make the finish of the product bumpy or uneven. The placement of the flakes/shimmer is not something that can be requested as the resin will move it as it cures.  You can however request a small or heavy amount to be used. Keep in mind that the finished placement cannot be guaranteed.

Gold Flakes

Silver Flakes

Rose Gold Flakes

Opal Flakes

Pearl Shimmer - $1

Opal Shimmer - $1

Gold Shimmer - $1

Rainbow Sparkles - $15