Meet your breastmilk artisan.

Mom. Wife. And so much more!

Hey there mama! I am Kelly Brown, your personal breastmilk jewelry artisan.


My journey into the world of breastmilk jewelry was one that I can only describe as a mixture of fate and reflection.  I was about to return to work after my maternity leave and then the pandemic hit, suddenly I was a full time stay at home mom.  I loved having all the extra time with my two boys, but there was a part of me that felt like I was supposed to do something else.

I spent many days journaling and thinking about what I was passionate about.  Up until that moment I was always in corporate america working the classic 9-5 and always left feeling mediocre about my ‘job’ in the world.  I thought about other positions that I could apply for and yet I still didn’t feel anything.

This all coincided with the thoughts of weaning my youngest and last baby.  I was an exclusive pumper and had an oversupply, so my stock pile was able to feed my baby and many more.  I was constantly asked “when are you going to stop…” and began to plan my weaning process.  This left a huge hole in my heart and I felt so much mom guilt.  Then it hit me, I could help other moms going through this exact struggle. I went straight to one of the original breastmilk jewelry artisans from Australia for training in the craft and thus, Love By The Ounce, LLC was born.

I have truly found my calling helping mamas commemorate their beautiful journey and along the way have also shared my struggle with Postpartum Depression with countless mamas. I had a long battle with PPD after my first baby and want to help break the stigma around mental health and seeking help. Helping just one mom have the courage to seek help is worth so much more than any job I have ever had.  

Let me help you during this phase of life.  We are in such a fleeting, difficult and beautiful mess of a time and I want to help you freeze this moment.  Every single mom that I work with has their own beautiful story and you deserve to celebrate that!

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