A lifetime of love.

Remember your breastfeeding journey forever.

Additional Add-Ons ($1 each)

Each breastmilk keepsake can be customized with any combination of flakes or shimmer.  The addition of flakes can make the finish of the product bumpy or uneven. The placement of the flakes/shimmer is not something that can be requested as the resin will move it as it cures.  You can however request a small or heavy amount to be used. Keep in mind that the finished placement cannot be guaranteed.

Gold Flakes

Silver Flakes

Rose Gold Flakes

Opal Flakes

Pearl Shimmer

Opal Shimmer

Gold Shimmer

How it works


The first step in processing your milk involves heating slowly to remove all bacteria. It is then mixed with uv stabilizers to ensure that your milk retains it true color. Your milk will turn into a paste that will sit for 24 hours to completely dry.

Creating Your Stone

Once your powder is completely dry, it is ground into a fine powder substance. Your preserved milk will be mixed with jeweler’s grade resin and poured into a mold or hand poured directly into your setting. This needs to harden for 12-24 hours or in some cases UV resin is used and cures within minutes under a UV light. Once fully cured, your breastmilk stone is solid with a hardness similar to that of plastic.

Finishing Your Piece

Finally, your one-of-a-kind breastmilk stone is ready to be set into your selected piece of jewelry. In most cases, another layer of UV resin is added for extra protection. Your piece is then hand polished and wrapped up with love before getting mailed to you!

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